Many types of animals live on farms. Some of the most interesting ones, though, are only visiting for a while. Like a very special owl.

In author Nancy Gaenzle’s book, Luella and Nita the Owl, a little girl sees an owl in a tree outside her window. She is fascinated with her, especially after Luella’s mother tells her all about owls… especially how important it is that mother animals, like Nita, are left alone when tending their young. So Luella does all she can to make sure everyone leaves Nita and her babies alone. And in the process, she gains a friend.

A mother owl has chosen a cottonwood tree on the family farm for her nest to raise her three baby owlets. Luella develops a bond with this mother owl. She does all she can to keep her new friend safe in this tree.

Quote from an editor of Archway Publishing. “Young readers will learn about the delicacy of life and that they should protect, not disturb or touch, wildlife.”